서울라이트 DDP 2023 가을

서울라이트 DDP 2023 가을

Aug 31 - Sep 10, 2023

281, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Mon-Sun : 10am - 8pm

"Witness a fresh, artistic approach to Mother Nature through digital technology"
Seoul Light DDP 2023 will now be held twice a year!

The global pandemic and climate change have brought about enormous change in our lives. We have become accustomed to seeing alternative versions of nature at home and work. We now experience these alternative forms of nature through devices equipped with video systems, like TVs and smartphones, which satisfy our desire for real nature. VR devices have enabled us to realize immersive experiences in nature in a virtual world, which was only possible in the real world in the past.

Seoul Light DDP 2023
started from the question,
"Can real nature that has existed since the beginning of time
coexist with technological nature created by humans?"

We seek to discover the "sense of coexistence"
that allows humans and nature to interchange and coexist, rather than unilaterally controlling and dominating nature.
Visit and experience a new form of nature reinvented by lights (projections) that exists before anything else in the world materialized by science and technology. Experience not only a sense of coexistence but also the concept of biophilia.