AtelierJAK: Soul Blindeness <storm hits the window>

AtelierJAK: Soul Blindeness <storm hits the window>

Sep 1 - 30, 2023

Korea Press Center, 124, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Tue-Sun : 10:30am - 7pm

Art Space Hohwa hosts an exhibition titled 《SOUL BLINDNESS - storm hits the window》 by Jangyoung Jung and Andreas Geisselhardt, known as a collective project group atelierJAK. Jung and Geisselhardt, coming from different nationalities, cultures, and educational systems of South Korea and Germany, formed the group atelierJAK in 2008. They have been presenting various projects based in Germany and spreading across Europe and the Americas, drawing on their diverse experiences.

Based on their film project "Soul Blindness," initiated in 2013, they focus on the subtle realm between phenomena and reality. They transform their video work into sculptural and installation mediums, creating a new visual expression in their own unique way. The words, sentences, and scenes captured within the artistic process appear as individual entities transformed into various artistic mediums. However, when combined, they constitute a visual outcome that encapsulates a narrative.

The centerpiece of their artistic world is the film "Soul Blindness," which tells the story of a fictional character named JAK suffering from visual agnosia. This disorder arises from a problem in the brain that integrates multiple senses to recognize the identity of an object. Individuals with visual agnosia cannot align the actual appearance of an object in front of them with its underlying essence. JAK, the protagonist afflicted by this condition, navigates the challenges of interpreting the meaning of objects in a modern society flooded with overwhelming amounts of information. Within these struggles, he creates an entirely new third realm of perception by perceiving completely different images. atelierJAK keenly captures the distinction between the actual occurrences discovered in JAK's situation and the essence of reality. They metaphorically unveil the uncertainty in our perception systems and evoke questions about the truth of existence by skillfully portraying the uncertainty between phenomena and reality.

atelier JAK transforms the story of the protagonist JAK into digitally rendered scenes using 3D software, and then translates these scenes into analog forms through sculpting, drawing, painting, using classical artistic techniques. JAK's world, intricately depicted with acrylic paint, is delicately painted within a transparent cube cast in epoxy resin, measuring around 7.6 x 2.6 x 2.6 cm. This miniature stage unveils his world anew. Additionally, the objects and landscapes selected from various scenes are transformed into a 2D form and intricately sculpted using aluminum paper, creating another layer of visual experience.

The artists draw attention to the gap between the tangible reality of the objects we physically see and the subjective perception that reveals itself. Within the complexities of the world, they question what truth really is. The elements from the film "Soul Blindness" that fill the exhibition space create a sensory confusion for viewers, much like how the protagonist JAK experienced the bewildering world. This exhibition portrays the chaotic modern society where deconstruction and construction occur simultaneously at a rapid pace. Through the lens of JAK, who relies on imperfect senses to make choices within this confusion, the exhibition prompts contemplation on what truth truly means within today's multifaceted world of rapid change and uncertainty.