Mondi Possibili

Mondi Possibili

Aug 31 - Sep 14, 2023

252, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Sprüth Magers presents Mondi Possibili, a group exhibition that highlights the interplay between art and design through the voices of longstanding and emerging artists from the gallery’s program. The exhibition is a tribute to Pasquale Leccese (1957–2023) and his lifetime achievement.

Mondi Possibili explores the many ways in which experimentation with material, technique and scale can reveal the hidden narratives, quiet drama and humor in everyday objects that furnish our lives as well as our imaginations. Connected through a paradigm of the possible, all artworks on show examine familiar objects – citing, celebrating, adapting or appropriating them – offering surprising, playful or unsettling approaches that open up a range of “possible worlds.” This will be the fourth edition of Sprüth Magers’ Mondi Possibili – first titled by Leccese – showcasing significant themes in the selected artists’ works as well as the gallery’s longstanding heritage. Its three previous iterations were presented in 1989, 2006 and 2007 in Cologne, where the gallery’s history is firmly rooted, and art and design have intersected for many decades.

Bound by their shared examination of the furnishings of our day-to-day, all works on view use the notion of possibility that lingers in conventional and common artifacts as their point of departure. Mondi Possibili is a survey of the many inspired explorations of our environments. In a broad spectrum of responses to the domestic realm and its contents, the intimate and banal articles of the household become uncanny, intriguing and multiple.