SeungYul Oh

Periphery, 2014

  • 180 x 150 cm
  • Acrylic on canvas

Seung Yul Oh provokes expanded experience while overcoming fixated ideas. Oh has been stimulating the imagination and sensation of the viewers through the visualization of intangible existence and phenomenon like air. Along with full consideration of all the given architectural elements, light, air in the given space, Oh pinpoints what we would normally feel vaguely. Oh is an artist who freely roams between the borders of 2 and 3-dimension, but for this show he displays only planes. Nevertheless, the viewer is led to experience 3-dimensional sensations by clever display. Each time the viewer steps into a venue, the wide perspective presents itself.

For the Frieze Seoul 2023, Oh presents the earliest work Periphery(2014) and new works from the ongoing painting series ‘Periphery’ since 2014. Along the rims, vivid colors encounter and create tension, and alongside them the void fills in. Thanks to this colored zone on the borders, we get to gaze on the realm which normally would be outside of our sight, and the emptiness in the middle maximizes the movement of our eyes rolling back and forth. So we can sense the whole while viewing the peripheries.