Garden of Colors

Meena Park

Garden of Colors, 2021

  • 27.3 x 27.3 cm
  • Acrylic on linen


MeeNa Park works on the very aspect of how such influences had formed personal views, experience, and taste on many complex levels. As Park had been questioning social systems including rules that we abide by, she explores this question via components of painting: color & image. After collecting vast data of contemporary consumption of color, icon, and symbol, Park classifies the data under her own criteria and analyzes the properties of our society.

The color-field painting Garden of Colors(2021) by MeeNa Park was inspired by Munstead Wood by Gertrude Jekyll, a famous British horticulturist. It embodies a total of 60 canvases like a flower garden by collecting acrylic paints, which were produced and consumed in 2021, having the names of flowers, grass, and trees such as Fuchsia, Sage, Vine, Iris, and Lily. Park arranged sixty acrylic paints on the wall like tending a garden in nature. This work invites us to walk through the garden of colors and fills the garden with the individual colors and memories about the garden.