Jinhyung Lee

Jinhyung Lee earned his B.F.A in Painting from Hongik University in 2008. He utilizes the various images provided by visual-based media for his work. First, he captures partial texture or structural outlines of the atmosphere that the collected images possess. Then, he continues his painting experiment of reconstructing the screen by gradually eliminating the content or the meaning of the images.
He has held solo exhibitions including "Biwonhyang" (Project Space Sarubia, Seoul, 2020), "Pinhole" (A Lounge Gallery, Seoul, 2021), and "O" (The Soso, Seoul, 2022) and participated in numerous group exhibitions. He was an artist for the 2018 Shinhan Young Artists Festival, a sponsored artist at the Sarubia Exhibition 2019, a resident artist for the 4th Creative Space DAL 2021, a resident artist at 13th Incheon Art Platform in 2022, and a sponsored artist at Art Creation Support Project by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2023.